Janet Cross is both an architect and builder.

From 1990-1996 she worked closely with Architect Steven Holl on "Kiasma" a large art museum in Helskinki, and on an addition to Saaranin's Institute of Science at Cranbrook. Since 1988 she has collaborated with artist James Turrell on his Roden Crater project, as well as his series of free-standing artworks. Working as an architect for the Whitney Museum, the Bronx Public Library and as Director of Operations for Ace Gallery, NY, she has also installed large scale exhibitions of Michael Heizer, Bill Viola, and Inugo Manglano Ovalle.

Janet has completed several commercial projects as well as townhouses. With the Italian design firm LO:TEK she built a home for Artist Lawrence Weiner and his wife Alice. The Weiner residence includes radiant heating as well as solar panels which produce almost one third of the home's energy requirements.

As a great-great granddaughter of Central Park designer Frederick Law Olmsted, Janet has served on the board of the National Association for Olmsted Parks. She is currently serving on the board of Glynwood Farm, a 250 acre estate devoted to sustainable farming practices, adapting old farmland to new uses.